I am a systems administrator and database administrator at a company in the Twin Cities Metro Area. I like playing games (I’m currently playing TF2 again). I have been working in the IT Industry for about 6 years now professionally and I do everything from server admin to database administration, to building computers and servers.


I struggle with a daily battle between open source and closed. I love using Linux and I have a lot of passion for it, but I also believe in Windows and Microsoft products as well. The trouble is that despite how much I love the idea behind open source software, I also happen to believe that money is a huge motivator behind good development. And so I don’t limit myself to one or the other much to the behest of some in the Linux / Unix community. But I do believe in Linux / Unix very strongly, and I have a lot lot lot of passion behind it and I do prefer using it above all else. I think it’s more mature, yet more basic. I also have to say that I am dangerously close to totally boycotting Apple for their deceptive and downright dirty business practices.


For my job I “administer” several Microsoft SQL Server instances, several MySQL instances, a host of both Linux based (CentOS) servers as well as Windows servers both in a Virtual Platform (VMware vSphere 5.5 and HyperV 2012 R2) and non-virtual environments as well. I also work on the side as web host (yes, this web site is hosted on it) and very slackly as a web developer working on a few family and personal projects. I also am working as a web developer and code contributor with a BSD Distribution called GhostBSD.


I would say that my VMware experience has put in the near expert area with it, however. I’ve worked with it for about 6 years (ESX, ESXi). I have a few VMware Certifications, all the way up to the Advanced certifications with plans to take it a bit further than that.


If there is something you personally want addressed on this blog, hit up the contact page and let me know and I will do my best.