Microsoft IT Camp

I’m going to a Microsoft IT Camp tomorrow that focuses on Windows Server 2012. So far I’ve installed the trial in a VM and not only does it look radically different – it also seems a heck of a lot easier to use. I am fairly excited about it – especially about the potential of Server 2012 in my environment. We are currently working on merging / getting ready for a switch to SQL Server 2012 and I think when we make the move to SQL 2012, we will also be moving to those to a Server 2012 VM Cluster. I guess we’ll see.

In any event, I’ll be posting more on this and more on Server 2012. In fact – I may just make a whole new category dedicated to it because I’m sure merging over will be a lot of fun. We have about 35 Windows based servers in our environment here, so even though I happen to be a Linux fan, I still do have to work with Windows quite a bit. More on this coming.

Kernel Repository – Update

Just FYI – the repository is up – only one kernel is in there for the time being (I’m working on compiling the older ones as we speak) – I may set up my home desktop to do this as well again. You can add the repository by adding this line to your sources.list:

Precise –

deb precise main

Oneiric –

deb oneiric main

Like I said before – this is ONLY for Oneiric and Precise.

Best MS SQL Server Management Studio Query Editor Shortcuts

I’m going to post a lot of the SQL Server I find myself using in a day – I would highly suggest learning some short cuts if you don’t already know them as they will save you time. Nothing frustrates me more sometimes than watching fellow DBAs fumbling around with a mouse trying to select one line of their query to execute when the could just snap it up with their keyboard. I’ll keep adding to this list.

Execute a Query (either your whole page, or a selection) = F5 (It may be CTRL + E for some people)

Commenting a selection = CTRL + K and then CTRL + C

Uncommenting a selection = CTRL + K and then CTRL + U

Selecting with keyboard = SHIFT + Arrow Keys

Selecting whole words with keyboard = SHIFT + CTRL + Arrow Keys

Selecting an entire line if you are at the beginning = SHIFT + END

Selecting an entire line if you are at the end  = SHIFT + HOME

Open a new query editor window = CTRL + N

Connect to a different server = CTRL + O

Close current query window = CTRL + F4

sp_who = CTRL + 1

sp_lock = CTRL + 2

There is a full list of them HERE. These are ones I just tend to use.