GhostBSD and BSD for the Future

I’ve started helping with a BSD distribution with some code and site administration – the distribution is called GhostBSD. I can’t say as I have ever offered my help to a distribution and developers like this, but quite frankly, I believe in this project, and I believe in it for a few reasons:

1. It’s a really forward and progressive system. Normally when people think about BSD and Unix, they think of a somewhat unstable and unpopular distribution with very little support and no GUI – GhostBSD installs MATE right out of the box and makes it very user friendly. It’s distributed as a “desktop” system, but the resource usage is so low that I really think that, even with a GUI, it would make an extremely viable server distribution. I plan on migrating some of our Apache servers over to GhostBSD once 4.0 stable is released.

2. The support is growing, big time.

3. The new Package Manager (pkg / pkgng) is awesome in FreeBSD 10. In fact it’s so good that I think it’s up there with ease of Ubuntu (apt-get).

4. It’s really minimal – it’s not a bloated down distro with a ton of stuff bogging up the system. It’s really lightweight and user friendly.

5. It’s extremely easy to use – once again, people tend to think of BSD and Unix as hard to use and not supported – the installer is a genius GUI called GBI (Graphical BSD Installer) that helps you with partitioning, installation, the works.

I would really encourage people to give it a shot – I’ve found that VMware Tools are a little finicky on it (in fact, the official VMware Tools are not supported on FreeBSD 10 yet, and you have to use open-vm-tools).