RoyalTS (Again)

Once again, I absolutely need to call out a program called RoyalTS. Perhaps you remember when I wrote about it before? RoyalTS

I need to write about it again, for few reasons, but the main one being that it is, quite simply, a really, really nice piece of software. I honestly don’t remember what I used to do before I started using it. Just for those of you who don’t know what it is, in a nutshell it’s an RDP, VNC, and SSH client. Basically it allows you to save credentials for desktops on a folder level, connect to numerous desktops / SSH sessions.

Anyway, they’ve released a new version (v3) and it is filled with new features and a pretty overhauled GUI. I don’t know why this company isn’t getting more traction among systems administrators because it quite literally is one of about 3 programs that is always open on my computer (along with vSphere Client and a web browser).

I would HIGHLY suggest checking it out and forking over the money for either an individual or business license and at least trying it out. I’m honestly surprised these guys didn’t have a booth at VMworld, because I definitely would have stopped by and done some high pressure sales, and even brought my beautiful wife to attract the nerds in (/sarcasm).