If there was ever a tool for a systems administrator out there that had a lot of tools in one, this is it. I’m not usually a massive advocate of paid simple software, but this program is absolutely worth the money. RoyalTS has both RDP and SSH included in it as well as a pretty basic web browser for those web based interfaces you want to work on (routers, switches, load balancers, whatever hardware you have that has a web interface).

What is nice about it is that you can save all your connections and their credentials (encrypted) and sort them in folders (IE if you have a stage environment, save your those servers in a folder called Stage). Pretty nifty.

But honestly, the best part of this app is the developer. I wanted a feature added (SSH Keep alive) and went on their forums to request it. Not 24 hours later the developer had a beta for me try out and sadly it did not work. However, within 24 hours, he had another working beta out that actually did work – even my co-workers here were like “Wow, that dev is amazing!”. This is one program that I do use every single day in my job – it’s open from the time I get in work until the time I leave – I also use it for all my personal servers, virtual machines, and personal web servers – so I do have to highly recommend it.