The Windows 8.1 Upgrade Experience (for Enterprise)

I have to admit, I’ve tried to be on Microsoft’s side through this whole Windows 8 thing. I’ve been using it for quite a while, and though there are some things I don’t particularly care for, I really don’t find it to be that horrifyingly bad of an OS. Now, that being said, the upgrade process to Windows 8.1 for an Enterprise user (or even a MAK / KMS key) is pathetic.

First off, Windows 8.1 was presented as a “free” upgrade to Windows 8. Well, free it is, but performing the actual upgrade on those is not as easy as just doing a Windows Update. First off, Microsoft says that the update is available in the “Windows Store”… unless of course you are using Windows 8 Enterprise or if you activated with a MAK or KMS key. So… after waiting for it to show up in the store, which it never did, I went on the prowl to find out where the update was.

Come to find out what I just mentioned. Now the only way to do the upgrade is an “in place upgrade” by using the ISO. I checked the VLSC for an ISO and was surprised to find out that it’s not there (at least not 8.1 Enterprise). So much for that problem free upgrade.

I finally found an ISO for doing the upgrade and completed it – however, now the system needs a new product key. This is total fail in my opinion and a pathetic release cycle.